The manuscripts page provides a downloadable manuscript for scholars of Film Studies, Cinema Studies, Cultural Studies, National Identity, Nationalism, and National Cinema. Particular interest is on national memory, trauma studies, stateless nations, and diasporas.


This manuscript is an elaboration and expansion of the arguments presented in the thesis. See the Introduction for more detail on its origins, the questions that it attempts to address, and the processes of analysis involved. The Index provides short summaries of the contents of the manuscript as well as being the mechanism for accessing each section.

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Publication of the manuscript is in two forms: this online document (or 'escript') that can be accessed through the Index, and a set of downloadable text files in pdf format.

The overall text is divided into sections where each section is represented in an Index that uses the familiar collapsible form. Each heading in the Index is a link to the corresponding text. Clicking on the link causes the text to be read into a tabbed panel and displayed. Entries in the index have the following formats:

blue = entry complete
grey = entry not yet available
red = new or updated entry (in last 2 months)
* = section may be downloaded in pdf format

Moving the mouse over an entry in the index causes summary text for the corresponding section to be displayed.

Each section shows the date it was last updated and whether it is available for download.

A more.. link in the text indicates that there is a sub-section. Clicking on the link expands the sub-section; clicking on the close link collapses the sub-section.

The project is a work in progress and sections will be published as they are completed.  It is also intended to be a collaborative effort where relevant comments, corrections, and criticism may be incorporated into the text. Please use the comment facility at the end of each section to submit your views.

+National cinema(s)
Cinema and stateless nations
+Role(s) of cinema
A discursive practice
Oppositional cinema
Cinemas in conflict
+Representing the nation
'Cinema Regarding Nations'
+Symbols and images
Summarising symbols
Elaborating symbols
Territory and geography
Culture and way of life
Borders and boundaries
Displacement, exile
+Form and visual style
Role of diaspora(s)
+Nation, state, identity
+States and nations
Stateless nations
Small nations
Debating origins
+Nationalism and identity
State nationalism
National movements
National consciousness
Collective memory
+A cracked mirror?
Tradition, modernity, power
Gender, generational, and class conflicts
+Divided loyalties
Ambiguities and changeability
Fungibility and interplay
Insiders and outsiders
+Transnational cinema?
Cultural borders
+Sustaining the nation
Narratives of resistance