The links to web sites given on this page are for scholars in the field of Cinema or Film Studies with a particular interest in Nationalism and National Identity, as expressed through film. Keywords are: cinema studies, film studies, nationalism, national identity, stateless nations, diaspora, trauma studies.


Links that are of value to the CinéNation research project are listed here. If you would like to contribute information about other links that could be added, please go to the About page and use the form to send in the details.

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The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a fairly comprehensive cinema database, with film details, basic information about filmmakers, and production credits. It can be searched by country of origin, however, it has a number of important ommissions with regard to more obscure items.

The British Film Institute database, is also fairly comprehensive but limited with respect to Middle East film.

The self-styled Complete Index to World Film (CITWF) provides a useful database of information about films including some of the more obscure ones.

The national film archive in Yerevan, Armenia, holds copies of most of the films produced in Armenia during the Soviet period.

The website of the Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists (AFCCJ) is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to study Armenian cinema. It includes a database with information on feature films, documentaries, animation, short movies from the 1920s through to 2003, and short biographies of each film-maker.

The Armenian Film Foundation (AFF) was established in 1979 "as a non-profit, educational and cultural organization dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Armenian heritage in multi-media formats". It concentrates on films produced in the diaspora (mainly in California), and is a source for a limited number of videos/DVDs, mostly on the topic of the Armenian genocide (especially those of Michael Hagopian), and provides links into organisations that study or record information about the genocide.

The UK-based Centre for Armenian Information and Advice is a useful source of books on Armenian history, politics, art, and culture.

A sub-set of the IMDb film database on Armenian films can be found here.

The Narek store provides limited information about a wide range of Armenian film, and is a useful source of DVDs and Videos.

The Canadian Film Library has a useful biography of Atom Egoyan and a catalogue of his films.

The Kurdish Institute based in Paris, is a resource for scholars of Kurdish history and culture.

Kurdish Cinema is a valuable site concerning Kurdish film. It includes synopses, brief biographies of directors, and clips from some films that can be viewed online. Articles and reviews can be downloaded and there are links to purchase DVDs. The site contains many links to Kurdish sources which will not be repeated here.

Dreams of a Nation is a very useful database that has been compiled to provide information about as many Palestinian films and filmmakers as possible.

Arab Film Distributors provide a significant database of information about films mainly from the Middle East, as well as being source of DVDs and videos.

mec film (Middle East Cinemas) is a distribution company for films exclusively from the Middle East. It includes short, medium, and feature length documentary and fiction films that offer an inside perspective on the region.

Palestine Calling is a website on which films, videos, series, installations and photographs about Palestine - by Palestinian and non-Palestinian artists - can be downloaded or purchased as DVDs.

The Palestine Film Foundation supports a database of information about films that have been screened at the London Palestinian Film Festivals held over the last few years. This includes synopses of the films and brief production details.

The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative provides a database of recent films from the Palestinian diaspora and Jordanian filmmakers.

The Cinemaya journal, which had a very useful archive of film criticism and film-studies articles, unfortunately now seems to be defunct. If this re-appears, please let us know.

The archive of the Australian online journal, Senses of Cinema, provides a valuable, searchable, resource of all the articles published since 1999.

The University of Iowa's Online Communication Studies Resources has a good set of links to film databases, University cinema studies programs, and critical writing on film.

The University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies has a section devoted to an "Armenian-Turkish Research Project" with materials on the Armenian genocide.

A bibliography of Russian and Soviet film is available at the University of Pittsburgh. This includes some information about films in Soviet Armenia.

The University of Indiana film literature index (FLI) is a valuable index of critical articles from a wide variety of film and cinema journals.